28-Day Stronger TOGETHER

Healthy Habit Challenge

Get In Shape, Boost Your Immune System,
and Fight Off the Coronavirus While
Supporting Your Local Community

Registration Closes Saturday, May 30th

Invictus Fitness Solutions wants to help you get/stay in shape and, more importantly, right now, build up your immune system so you can avoid getting the Covid-19 Coronavirus.*  


At the same time, we want to do our part to help the local small businesses who’ve been greatly impacted by the quarantine.


Yes, we are one of the small businesses that are hit hard by everything that is going on, but we have been around for a while and literally have the most incredible and supportive community imaginable.  This is no exaggeration.  We are so grateful for our members.  :-)

​So here is what we are doing to help you AND support local businesses that are in a pinch...


We have gone fully online with all of our wonderful ​members and will be making sure everyone has all of the resources to get in some amazing at-home workouts and have the accountability and support of the Invictus Fitness TEAM behind them every day!

We also want to support everyone else in the community…

...so we’re opening up our new online 28-Day Stronger TOGETHER Healthy Habits Challenge to the public!

We created this program to help you practice self-care and stay active over the next few weeks.

Now, we 100% understand that everyone is being affected differently by what's going on, so for anyone joining us for the first time we’re waiving the regular program fee.  Instead, access to the program will be by donation, with a minimum of $10.

100% of the money coming in from this will be used to support local businesses. We will be using the money to purchase gift cards from these local businesses which we will then turn around and give back to the folks in the challenge as prizes​. :-)

For example, let’s say we raise $10,000 and we have 10 businesses that we’re supporting.  We would purchase a $1000 worth of gift cards (perhaps $10, $25 or $50 each depending on the service) from each business.  We’d then turn around and use those as the prizes for challenge participants.

To be eligible to win prizes, you simply need to participate in the 28-day challenge.  We will track participation by daily check-ins on our Facebook page.

What you get as part of the ​28-Day Stronger TOGETHER Healthy Habits Challenge

  • Weekly Habits - we will give you a choice of 3 habits to pick from.  You will work on practicing this habit for the next 7 days.

  • Accountability Check-Ins - This is how we know if you have completed your habit.  Check-ins are done in 1 of 2 ways - You can either post in the InvictusUnited! Facebook Page, or send a text to the club text line

  • A Warm Fuzzy Feeling - By signing up (making your donation), you’ll know that you’re doing a great thing to support the local business owners in a difficult situation.  :-)


Bonus Option #1:  When you donate $30 you will receive the Invictus Nutrition Success Guide e-book.


Bonus Option #2:  When you donate $100 you will receive a FREE MONTH of Unlimited InvictusFIT Membership (Non-members only).  Members will receive a Free 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Session.


Bonus Option #3:  When you donate $300 you will receive the above bonuses PLUS access to our 10-week Nutrition Reboot Online Coaching Program - everything you need to learn how to ignite your metabolism’s full potential to burn fat and work with you, not against you.   

Bonus Option #4:  When you donate $500 or more you will receive the above bonuses PLUS TWO 1:1 Private Coaching sessions.  


We can’t wait to start coaching you.  And, we’re so grateful for your support of local small businesses.

Please share this with everyone you can. ​We could really use your help to make an even ​bigger difference in our community in these tough times!

Thank you so much from our entire team. :-)




Dj, Kamal, and Josh

Owners of Invictus Fitness Solutions




P.S. - Please, please, please put your health at the forefront these next few weeks!


Yes, do all the things the CDC recommends like washing your hands, avoiding contact, etc.  However, what hardly anyone is talking about is protecting yourself from INSIDE OUT…


Now more than ever, we need to be exercising, getting plenty of sleep, calming our nerves, limiting sugar, eating as many vegetables as possible, taking your supplements, practicing gratitude, getting outside in nature, avoiding alcohol, and taking some deep breaths.  


All the external stuff is important, but we’re going to beat this thing with the internal stuff…


P.P.S. - Registration for the 28-Day Stronger TOGETHER program ends Saturday, May 30th.  Be sure to register NOW!

*This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease