Why Your Gym Membership Isn't Working

You finally decide to bite the bullet and join a gym. You gi a few times the first week. Hop on a treadmill for a few minutes. Ride the bike a few times. Try some of the different machines they have.

The next week you only go twice. By the third week you think about how you should be going more often as you drive by because you have spent all that money on the membership you aren't using.

And now not only do you feel guilty about spending the money on something you aren't using, you are frustrated at the fact that you don't really know what to do when you are there.

But that's just it, the gym you joined has set you up for failure. Sure, you can do a free session with a trainer if you want, but the cost of personal training seems so high.

It’s not your fault…

Many people start gym memberships without ever reaching their goal, but here’s the truth…

This is because gyms want you to pay and not attend. They’re actually counting on you to fail. They enroll thousands of members in hopes that they don’t regularly attend, and if every member did attend, they'd fill up with just a few hundred people in the building.

The reason so many people are frustrated with their gyms is:

  • A gym doesn’t offer a real solution to your problem

  • They don’t care if you go or not go, just as long as you pay

What you need isn't another membership that you aren't going to use. What you need is a program that will guide you on your journey, and meets you where you are.

Too often gyms and fitness centers use an extreme approach to helping you change your fitness. They not only expect you to workout everyday, but they want you to follow a strict meal plan with perfection, take before pictures, check in on Facebook every time you workout, and in some cases even expect you to change you profile picture to their logo.

This "drink water from a fire hose" approach rarely works for anyone. Sure, you may see some initial results, but the expectation that their "all or nothing" method will allow you to maintain those results for any period of time is foolish.

What we have found works better for almost everyone is breaking down your new fitness journey into bite-size chunks. We call this the Minimum Dose Method. Instead of expecting you to go from exercising 1-2 times per week (maybe), to coming tot he gym 5-6 times per week, we ask for only 3 days per week.

Instead of handing you a complicated meal plan full of food you have never heard or would never eat, or giving you a set of macros that you need to an advanced degree in calculus to figure out, we focus on the foundation nutrition habits that have shown to be the most effective at changing your behavior and relationship to nutrition.

This approach isn't as sexy as others, but it works. And not just for a few weeks. It will last you for the rest of your life if you really take your time to include and adopt the ideas and principles we teach you.

To learn more about our program, schedule a 15 min call here.

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