The Minimum Dose Model of Health Coaching

One of the most fascinating, and also frustrating, aspects of the fitness industry is the tendency to attempt to create so much change at once that the client becomes overwhelmed. We refer to this model as the “drink-from-a-firehose approach.”

As fitness professionals for more than 20 years, we had been guilty of that model in the past. The expectation that a new client will adopt a plethora of new habits and lifestyle changes with no hesitation was unfortunately just how it was done.

And when the client failed on some aspect, it was a finger-pointing blame game which assumed that the client did something wrong.

After years of operating with that mindset, and the frustration that came when a client didn't magically change everything we told them to, as well as the lack of long-term results that accompanied that, we knew we had to change who we were as coaches if we expected to have any lasting change in those we serve.

The Minimum Dose Model

Through researching the science of behavior change, as well as countless hours of conversation with professionals much more intelligent than us, we identified our problem. It wasn’t that what we were coaching our clients on was technically wrong, it just wasn’t what they needed in that moment to effect change.

Behavior change science says that when trying to adopt a new habit (or change a bad one) that the success rate is about 85% when only one thing is changed at a time. When a second habit is introduced at the same time, the success rate falls to less than 10%.

The realization that we were asking, actually expecting, our clients to add exercise 5-6 days per week, as well as follow a strict nutrition plan, on top of juggling everything else in their life was the real problem. It wasn’t them, it was us.

So we stepped back, and really took a hard look at what the minimum amount of change someone needs to create in order to begin to see results. This Minimum Dose Model has since been the core of all the coaching that we do.

The Minimum Dose Model is incredibly simple. At the core, the model seeks to streamline the overly confusing landscape of health and fitness. It says that by fpocusing on just one thing at a time we actually acheive more change than if we try to change everything at once. This is how the Invictus Method operates.

Simple, not Easy

When we realized that our approach, and our mindset, was the problem, we set out to change how we viewed what we do, and how we did it.

We soon realized that in stripping away all the “fluff,” we were left with a structure for coaching that was incredibly simple. Coach one change at a time. Avoid distractions. Work the plan.

As simple as that sounds, it's not so easy in practice. The fitness industry does an incredible job at convincing the consumer that they need to change rapidly. That HIIT training is the best way to workout. And that without supplements you are wasting your time exercising and eating better.

Put The Invictus Method and the Minimum Dose Model to work for you.

We are here to help you, If you are lookiong for help, or know someone who is, then reach out to us. We would be happy to help you implement the Minimum Dose Model into your lifestyle.

If you are looking to learn more about the Invictus Method, click here

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