The Invictus Hierarchy of Health

As fitness professionals with over 30 years of experience, we had been guilty of many of the mistakes that trainers typically make. After alot of self-reflection, we adopted the Minimum Dose Model as the framework for our coaching programs.

We still needed a clear pathway that we could lead our clients down, while adhering to the minimum dose model, and staying true to the principles of health.

So we looked at this process through the lens of building a house. A house needs a solid foundation before you can build the structure and before you can apply the finishing touches.

We needed to simplify it even further. Using the minimum dose model, we broke fitness down into 3 categories - movement, nutrition and lifestyle.

Movement is the Foundation

Our vision of optimal health and fitness begins with laying a foundation of proper movement - quality and quantity.

Movement is a passion of ours - some may call it an obsession. We know the impact that movement has on the health of an individual, as well as the lack of movement has.

Movement is not limited to any one particular exercise or workout system. It consists of resistance training, metabolic conditioning, and mobility. We then further dissect resistance training into 3 phases (balance, develop, and strength), metabolic conditioning into 3 levels of training (susatin, gain, and pain), and mobility into 2 areas (flexibility and stability).

Nutrition is the Structure

We have never adhered to the “food is only fuel” mentality. It is so much more than that. It’s social, and experiential. It is not something to be used as punishment or feared.

Our approach to nutrition is easily applied to the minimum dose model. We coach behaviors and habits, not macros or fads.

Lifestyle is the Apex

Once the big pieces are taken care of, the last place we coach change is lifestyle. This encopasses the details that can make a difference once everything else is in place.

Lifestyle includes maximizing sleep and recovery. Prioritizing sun exposure, and self care. It's the area that is the least sexy, but crucial for long-term health.

Mindset is the Security

Accepting new ideas, and maintaining motivation when times get hard is where the coaching magic happens. We help you create a vision for your health that is specific to you, and identify the obstacles that will inevitably get in your way.

We then use our coaching superpowers to create accountability and inspiration to achieve your vision by helping you create a strategy to overcome or avoid those obstacles.

If you are still trying to figure out how to finally get control of your health and fitness, then call us at 949.484.5595for a no-obligation consultation.

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