The Invictus Ethos'

We get asked almost everyday about the best way to eat to lose weight, or our opinions on Keto, or whatever popular nutrition fad is going on at the time.

This created a lot of discussion between the coaches. Our position at Invictus has always been one of simple over complicated. Of sustainability over short-term results.

What we came up with is our Ethos on nutrition, exercise, and recovery.

What is an ethos? Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.

The Invictus Ethos' are designed to be basic in design. Think of them as the minimums that you should strive to achieve in these 3 areas. Instead of thinking about all the details, focus your time and energy on making sure you are meeting these simple tenets. Once you are, then we can start to dive into some advanced techniques. Until then, however, just focus on the Ethos' as your guide.

Nutrition Eat whole foods; organic when available. Protein, fruits and veggies, and healthy fats. Drink water. Take a multi vitamin and Omega-3.

We started with the kind of food we believe everyone should eat. Whole foods instead of processed, chemically-laden "foods." Whenever possible, eat organic, especially in the fruits and veggies area.

Next it is the types. These are the basics for all goals. Then comes what to drink throughout the day. Lastly the minimum supplements we believe you should be taking.

Exercise Squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, and carry in all planes of motion, everyday. Vary the intensity of cardiovascular work.

This is the simplest we could make it. We view exercise in terms of movement, not muscles. If you are performing these movements, with the best efficiency possible, everyday, then you will accomplish so much more than you every imagined.

As far as cardio, our stance is that it should be varied in intensity. Not just high intensity intervals, or low intensity steady state. It should be varied in order to train your metabolism to be able to utilize the appropriate fuel for that exercise.

Recovery Maximize sleep, minimize stress. 10 minutes of sun exposure per day. Listen to your body, if you need rest, then rest.

This one we feel is pretty self explanatory. Sleep is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, requirements for results. Getting better sleep should be the focus of every person. All while at the same time working on ways to minimize the stress in your life. Or at least finding better ways to manage it.

Sun exposure is so important for health. We generate the majority of our Vitamin D in our body from the sun. Aiming for 10 minutes of sun per day, without sun screen, will make sure you are getting the Vitamin D you need.

And lastly, learn to listen to your body. Pushing through pain or fatigue may seem cool when written in a meme, but your body can only take so much before something breaks. Learn to stop before that happens, and rest if you need it!

That's it

How well are you doping on all of these? Are there a few that you are doing really well at, but others that have not been a focus?

My challenge to you is to take a hard inventory of your habits and behaviors. And be honest about it. It benefits no one if you aren't. Tell me how well you are doing. If you need clarification, or you need any advice on incorporating the Invictus Ethos' into your lifestyle, we are always here.

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