The 5 Minute Morning Movement Practice

Waking up to movement is something we can all do. In fact, daily intentional movement is far and away the most important habit you need to develop to live a long healthy life. So it stands to reason that if daily intentional movement is so crucial for longevity and health, then performing intentional movement should be the first thing you do every morning.

As with any habit you choose to adopt, consistency is the key, and the simpler the habit is the better. So instead of over-complicating a morning movement routine, we have created a simple series of movement that can be done right next to your bed each and every day.

Start each day the same way. Recognize that your body will not feel like moving right when you wake up. You just spent 7-9 consecutive hours laying dormant, so don’t try to go from 0 to 100 right away. Ease into the movement.

Try out this Morning Movement series and let us know how you feel.

Move continuously through the series, but if you find a position that you need to spend some extra time in, feel free to do just that. Also, feel free to add or subtract to this series as you see fit. This is your movement practice, so make it yours.

Morning Movement Practice

· fold

· squat

· reach right

· reach left

· caterpillar

· scorpion right

· scorpion left

· cobra

· lunge right

· world’s greatest stretch right

· lunge left

· world’s greatest stretch left

· inchworm back

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