Fitness Principle 1: Intent Requires Action

The best intentions in the world are nothing more than great ideas unless they are paired with a specific action.

How many times have you intended to do something butu failed to follow-through with it? Quite a few, I'd venture to guess.

In fitness this happens all the time. You intend to start exercising or eating healthier on Monday, but Monday comes around and there is one reason or another for you to not follow-through.

This happens because we reward intention. It's the "it's the thought that counts" mentality that has prevented you from accomplishing the things in your life that you want.

But we tend to get caught up in creating the action to actually get started. We wait until we have the "perfect" plan, before we get started. We wait until the "perfect" time to make any changes. We wait, and we wait, and we wait. The problem with this is, THERE IS NO PERFECT PLAN AND THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME! Read that again. There is no such thing as the perfect plan and it is never the perfect time..

Concerted, consistent action when applied to even the worst plan or program will get you leaps and bounds farther than never getting started on the perfect plan!

Yet there you site, still searching for the perfect program. ANd day after way, week after week, month after month, you waste looking.

Take Action!

Stop waiting and start doing something. No matter what, action is required for intentions to ever be realized.

So join a gym, sign up for a bootcamp, or just get up and go for a walk. Action creates momentum, and as long as you are moving then you are always moving closer to your goals.

If you are struggling with finding the motivation to take action, then schedule a time to talk to one of the Invictus Coaches. Send an email to and we will contact you to schedule a time.

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