2019 MetaFIT Trials



The MetaFIT Trails is an 8-week competition designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental fortitude.
MAY 11 - JULY 5
Until 4/30
MEMBERS / $125
May 1
MEMBERS / $150
Each week we will announce a new "challenge" for you to complete.
The challenges will be announced each Saturday at 8 am.  In order to complete the challenge, you must complete two ROADBLOCKS; one mental and one physical.
  The one who completes all the challenges (including the roadblocks) in the fastest overall time will be crowned the 2019 MetaFIT Trials Champion.
All challenges must be completed at the gym.  Each Saturday during the MetaFIT Trials will be dedicated to the challenges.  If you cannot attend a Saturday, you can complete the challenge during open gym.
For a challenge time to count, you must record the time and post a picture or video of you performing the challenge on IG and tag @iaminvictusfit and #metafittrials2019. 
Roadblocks: Prior to being able to complete the challenge, you must first complete a mental roadblock and a physical roadblock.  The roadblocks will be chosen at random.  There is a 10 min cap for each roadblock.
NO PHONES will be allowed to be used to solve and roadblocks!
Movement Standards: for each exercise we will require that you perform them within the standards we design.
Modifications: You will be assessed a 1:00 penalty for every movement modification in each workout
Wildcard: For every non-member that you refer that enrolls in the MetaFIT Trials, you get a 2:00 time credit
Everyone who completes the MetaFIT Trials will receive:

MetFIT Trials 2019 T-shirt

Competitor medal

Awards Ceremony

The 2019 MetaFIT Trials Champion will receive and awards package including:

$100 Visa GC

Invictus Self-Care Kit

Invictus Champions Belt


Why is it more money than last year? For us to facilitate an event to the level of experience that we want, we needed to raise the amount of the challenge.


What if I am out-of-town during a week of the challenge?  Since the total time it takes to complete the challenges is what we are using for scoring, then it does not matter what day you complete them.  You just have to do them in the order they are announced.


Can I come in to the gym at any time to do the challenge?  No.  The only time you can do the workouts is during open gym times.  Open Gym is Saturday 8-1, and M-F 10-4.


Why no partners like last year? This year we wanted to switch things up a bit and make the challenges dependent on only your performance.


Why isn’t there a transformation challenge this year? The transformation challenge last year did not have the effect we were hoping for, and it became difficult to manage.  This year we chose to only focus on a performance-based challenge to simplify everything.


How many participants will you allow to register?  We are capping the MetaFIT Trials at 50.  This will allow us to serve the participants the best.


What if I can’t do part of the workouts? We have designed the challenges to be tough, but doable.  If there is a movement that you are unable to perform without risk of injury, we will provide a suitable modification. However, for every modification you will be assessed a 1:00 penalty.


Why does everything have to be done at the gym? We want to make sure we can control the experience in a way that allows for everyone to be able to compete/participate equally.  It also allows us to be able to monitor movement standards.