The Member Rewards Program (MRP) was created to give back to the amazing members that make Invictus the program that it is.

There are 6 levels that can be achieved, each with a specific point total.  We have designed a number of ways to accumulate points, and there is no limit to the number of points you can earn each month.


Level 1


500 points

Special Bronze Member t-shirt

Level 2


1500 points

Silver Member t-shirt + massage

Level 3


3000 points

Gold Member t-shirt + massage + supplement of choice

Level 4


5000 points

Platinum Member t-shirt + massage + cryotherapy

Level 5

Hall of Fame

7500 points

Hall of Fame Member t-shirt + massage + $100 Visa GC +

10% discount on all POS purchases


Level 6


10,000 points

Special Legend Member t-shirt + massage + $250 GC + 15% discount on POS purchases + Invictus swag bundle

How to get points

Each month you are a member*                                        25

Review (Google/Yelp/FB)                                                      10

Every $50 in supplements                                                    5

Corrective exercise package                                                100

Refer a friend                                                                           50

Referral joins                                                                            250

Tag us in a FB post                                                                 25 

Attend a special event                                                           50

Complete the Invictus6                                                         25

Complete a challenge                                                            25

Do a Metabolic Profile                                                            100

Nutrition coaching                                                                  100

Success story on the wall                                                      50

Video testimonial                                                                    50

* only active (not on hold) months count

Points will be tallied and totaled as the end of each month.