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My life before Invictus was a mess to say the least.  I was very over worked and tired all the time.  I ran around and either didn't eat at all or ate what was fast and easy.  Stress ran my life so I was unaware that I was doing damage to myself and my body. 



My life now that I have been coming to Invictus is a total transformation experience.  I started this journey with a very bad attitude and no trust in this process.  If it hadn't been for the company I worked for, as they were members, I don't know if I would have found Invictus at all.  I was hesitant but decided that I would join the group and try it.  OMG that was the day that changed my life FOREVER!!!!  I say this with tears in my eyes and love and gratitude in my heart.   


My quality of life is better and I have had results that are so far off the charts that I can't ever explain it to anyone.  Losing not only 15 lbs, and 10.5 % body fat, I am completely impressed with the support and dedication that all of the guys have given me, as I could have not done this without them pushing me to be better every day.


  I would say to anyone that may be on the fence of whether or not to do this journey, please don't sell yourself short, this is definitely a journey you want to take.  They help you MIND,  BODY, and SOUL. Don't be afraid,  don't be insecure.  It works. I promise you Invictus WORKS!!!!  I have never experienced anything better to help me be healthy and independent.  I feel amazing!!!!