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I have been into fitness in some form or another for most of my adult life. Before joining Invictus, most of the last 10 years was spent training in a traditional gym, supplemented by forays into a couple of the well-known high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) type formats. This worked OK, but not great. I found that the palpable sense of competition in the room would prompt people to push themselves to the point of injury. This was exacerbated by the fact that there were no resources on hand to monitor correct form, and so as a result many of us walked around day in, day out with chronic aches and pains.


I also felt that the pace of each guided workout was unnecessarily frenetic - red-lining one’s heart rate for 60 full minutes 5X per week is not only unpleasant, it can actually be counterproductive. I just don’t believe it needs to be like that to achieve results. As a result, I found myself actually dreading my workouts. Once they started, I would continuously glance at the clock, only to find that it had only advanced a few minutes since the last glance. So, I was ready for something new.

Then I found Invictus. I’m really proud of the results I’ve seen in just 3 short months. My muscle tone is improved, my clothes all fit noticeably looser, and my energy is fantastic. Due to Invictus’ focus on priming and movement, my chronic pains have subsided. Outside of the gym, I am an avid cyclist and mountain-bike rider, and I’m blown away at the impact Invictus has had. I have shaved minutes off of literally every lifetime Personal-Record I have on the various courses I ride! That is a huge feat, I have never witnessed that kind of progress. On the mountain bike trails, I can jump, maneuver, and throw my bike around in a way I would not have found possible before. In fact, a lot of things in everyday life seem more effortless - whether its working around the yard, running around with the kids, or just pushing a heavy cart at Costco… things seems lighter and more manageable.

Just try it. You’ll immediately take notice of the sense of community and camaraderie. In fact, by the time you’ve completed a class or two you’ll know everyone’s name in the class - that just doesn’t happen in a big-box gym. Also, the talent of the guys running the show is extraordinary - these guys know what they are doing. They continuously watch your form to make sure you avoid injury and get the most benefit from each movement, each set, each workout. They can get you to the next level, whatever that may be for you.