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Wednesday May 17th WOD


Wednesday May 17th WOD

Wednesday Omega Fit (Focus Power)

Warm Up

Coaches Choice
Coach to choose warm up modality


Foam roll and stretching
Calves 20 seconds each leg then stretch
Lateral hamstring 20 seconds then stretch
Hip Flexor then stretch


Power Circuit
Power Circuit 1 (6 minutes)
200 m row (60 sec or less)
Split jump lunges x 10 each (modification reverse lunges)Power Circuit 2 (6 min)
Box step downs x 8 each leg (focus on lowering slowly and coming up fast)
DB Hammer Curls x 15
Tricep push ups on box or bench x 5
Suitcases or V ups x 15

Power Circuit 3 (4 min)
DB Chest press tricep extention combo x 10
Burpees x 10
Plank with alt leg lift x10 each leg


Conditioning Block 1 (6 min)
1 min max effort air dyne
1 min recovery x 3 roundsConditioning Block 2 (6 min)
1 min all out on rower
1 min recovery x 3

Conditioning block 3 (4 min)
25 calories
Vups x 10
Double crunch x 10
Hip raises each side x 10
(Repeat core exercises until time is up)

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