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Tuesday May 16 WOD


Tuesday May 16 WOD

Tuesday Omega Fit (Focus Endurance)

Warm Up

Coaches Choice
Coach to choose warm up modality


Stretching Matrix


Strength Training Blocks
Block 1 (7 min)
300 m row (goal 90 seconds or less)
Side to side bench tap downs (Standing on bench step right leg off to floor, return to top repeat on left side ) 10 each side
DB Front Raisesx 20
DB bent over rows palms up x 20
repeat circuit till time is up drop by 2 reps per round (20-18-16…)

Block 2 (10 min)
Rep count starts at 10 then every round decrease reps by 2 (10-8-6-4-2)
Reverse lunges
upright row
overhead pull (lay on bench, holding DB keeping elbows bent drop weight overhead. Keeping abs tight and elbows bent, pull weight back over and down to your chest)
Goblet squatBlock 3 (2 min)
1 min plank
1 min push ups


Cardio Circuit 2
Block 1 (7 min) rowing
2 min (GO pace)
1 min (READY pace)
2 min (GO pace)
1 min (Ready Pace)
1 min OH paceBlock 2 (10 min)
2 laps around the building
400 m row
repeat until time is up

Block 3 (2 min)
Airdyne for calories

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