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Thursday May 18th WOD


Thursday May 18th WOD

Omega Fit Thursday (Strength Focus)

Warm Up

Coaches Choice
Coach to choose warm up modality


Foam Roll
calves, bicep femoris, inner thigh
with active stretching


Block 1 (5 min)
DB Single Arm Chest Fly x10 each
DB Singel arm Tricep Kickbacks x10 each
Burpee FULL x 5Block 2 (5 min)
DB Single Arm Shoulder Press x8 each
DB single Arm Bicep Curl x8 each
DB squat x 20

Block 3 (5 min)
DB Chest Press x8
Russian twists x 20
Walk out to mountain climbers (inchworm) x3


Block 1 (5 min)
400m row -20 mtn -Climbers 300m row 20 mountain climbers- row for distanceBlock 2
Airdyne 1 min arms only 1 min both, repeat
squats for 1 min

Block 3 (5 min)
Row for distance


3 min practice

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