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About Us

Our Unique Approach

Our program is based on a 12 week comprehensive model. We individualize each program and take into account your metabolism, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular health, muscle imbalances and any movement limitations when putting together your plan.

This Plan Includes:

  • Metabolic Efficiency Assessment to customize cardio programming
  • Lab testing to get a deeper look at internal function
  • A heart rate strap and FirstBeat program
  • 12 week meal plan with shopping list
  • 12 weeks of customized work out programming
  • On going support and coaching via text/email/online coaching

Large Group Personal Training

Train with a community of like minded members who desire a challenging class that will never feel “the same”. With our heart rate training methodology and endless modalities it’s guaranteed to be a great workout for any fitness level. Each workout includes strength training, HIIT, and endurance training. Classes range from 10-15 team mates at a time.

Small Group Personal Training

Our small group program is our premier program for those ready to take their training to the next level! This program is where our clients get the best possible results because our trainers can provide true strength and conditioning programming and individualize it for every participant. The classes are put together based upon ability and limitations of every individual. Class size typically ranges from 3-6 team mates and you will be exposed to cutting edge methods of Mobility, Strength, and Metabolic Conditioning training.

One-On-One Personal Training

Our 1 on 1 program participants get best results when meeting 2-3x/week . Individuals will be training with one of our fitness professionals and have complete attention towards their goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, toning, improved function or you just want  someone to motivate you and keep you accountable we have several different fitness professionals to assist you along the way. We utilize our metabolic, nutritional, and lab resources to create a completely custom approach to your fitness needs.

Metabolic Efficiency Assessment


Corporate Wellness

Online Programming and Coaching


Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Coaching


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