Omega Fit Wednesday May 24th – Invictus Fitness Solutions
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Omega Fit Wednesday May 24th


Omega Fit Wednesday May 24th

Omega Fit Wednesday

Warm Up

Coaches Choice
Coach to choose warm up modality


Foam roll and stretching
Calves 20 seconds each leg then stretch
Lateral hamstring 20 seconds then stretch
Hip Flexor then stretch


Block 1 (10 Min)
21-15-9 Rep Scheme
Step ups to Bicep curl
Pike up to ankle taps (from push up position pike up and reach right hand and tap left ankle, come back to push up position and repeat on other side… that equals 1 rep)
Toe touches holding weight (laying down, legs up)

Block 2 (10 min)
21-15-9 Rep Scheme
Floor Chest Press
SIngle leg Hip Bridges
Russian Twists

Block 3 (10 min)
21-15-9 Rep Scheme
Overhead band press each arm
Overhead Tricep extension each arm
Squat holding band or KB

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