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Metabolic Efficiency Assessment

Energy System Training

Not all calories are created equal. Let’s face it if what you burned versus what the ate was the solution, 66% of America wouldn’t be overweight. So what’s the miss here? Every metabolism functions a bit differently. Wouldn’t it be great to know how yours is processing fats and sugars? How about knowing where specifically to keep your heart rate during exercise to ensure success and not wasted time? The Metabolic Efficiency Assessment allows us to create a customized approach to your fitness plan.


Step 1: Identify energy systems specific to the individual.

Step 2: Create a plan based around those energy systems

Step 3: Implement the plan

Step 4: Track Results

Step 5: Reassess to update the plan.


Step 1 – Identify Resting Metabolic Rate

Step 2 –  Identify Carbohydrate vs Body Fat burn rate

Step 3 – Develop an eating plan specific to your needs

Step 4 – Track Results

Step 5 – Reassess to update The Plan!

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