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Hack #3 for a Better Feeling Back


Hack #3 for a Better Feeling Back

Eat Healthy Fats

As counter intuitive as it seems, eating more fats can actually not only help you reduce aches and pains but it can help slim you out. Fat helps provide lubrication to the joints and tendons and fights the inflammation produced by carb heavy based diets.

Carbohydrate heavy diets, tend to cause more insulin spikes throughout the day and consequently, produce more inflammation. Most individuals are highly sensitive to dairy and processed grains, which creates internal and digestive stress therefore creating more inflammation which produces more insulin which causes more inflammation and so the cycle goes.

Some quick fixes and easy fats to add are:

  • Omega 3’s/Fish Oils- Should be a staple of your diet irrespective of your goals. Typical dosages are approximately 1200mg EPA/DHAs a day. Excellent resource for alleviating pain and inflammation in the body.
  • Coconut Oil- Great for sautéing vegetables. It’s a Medium Chain Triglyceride, which means your body uses it for energy just as readily as it would use a carb. Another great use is in Bullet proof coffee.
  • Avocado- Such an amazing super food. It can be used in just about anything even desert. Snacking on avocado and veggies rather than fruit is a great way to control blood sugar.





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