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Friday WOD


Friday WOD

Friday Aug 25th

Warm Up

Coaches Choice
Coach to choose warm up modality


Total Body Circuit
CIrcuit 1
Push up to step up x 8 each leg (16 push ups total)
Leg twists (windsheild wipers) 8 per side
1 leg shoulder raises 4 way (lateral raise to front without dropping then overhead then back down) 8x each side choose light weight
split squats x8 each
rest 2 min repeat 3x

circuit 2
side lunge to lateral raise x 8 each side
squat jumps with hold x 15
push ups x15
front squats x 15
rest 2 min repeat 2x

10 weighted ball squat or box jumps
5 burpees
rest 2 min repeat 4x

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