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5 Hacks to a Better Feeling Back (Hacks #1 and #2)


5 Hacks to a Better Feeling Back (Hacks #1 and #2)

5 Hacks for a Healthier and

Better Feeling Back

Hacks #1 and #2

If you are like most Americans you have previously, currently do, or will at some point suffer from back pain. Increased automation, decreased activity among other things are at the heart of the problem, the big question is what do you do about it?


Truth is, there are a lot of things that could cause back pain, This article is meant to give you a “buckshot” approach to giving you some relief and is not meant as a panacea, more a good idea of some things you can do now to get you on the right path.

Improve Hip Mobility

As I mentioned earlier, increased automation has lead to more sedentary lifestyles and therefore put a ton of pressure on the lower back through tightness in the hip flexor and weakness in the glutes. An anterior pelvic tilt, where a pelvis rotates such that the belt line aims down, is super common and easy to diagnose. Use the following exercises to increase hip flexibility.

  • Inhibit the piriformis
  • Foam Roll your lateral hamstring
  • Foam Roll your Hip Flexor and Quads
  • Stretch your Piriformis
  • Stretch your Lateral Hamstring and IT band
  • Stretch your Quadriceps

Increase Core Activation-

Its pretty common knowledge at this point that to help relieve back pain it is necessary to have a strong core. However, how that is done is when things start to become a little hazy. Crunches typically are not the solution, specifically loaded (weighted crunches), nor are movements that are designed as force production type exercises. What helps back pain and consequently improves posture are stability like exercises for your core.

  • Strengthen your spine/ Core

For a document with all of these exercises with full instructions and photos, email us at info@iaminvictusfit.com





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