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12 Days of Christmas


12 Days of Christmas


2nd Day of Christmas-2 Tips to Reduce Holiday Weight Gain.

It’s Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas! We are so excited about those of you who took advantage of our First Day of Christmas offer. If you missed out but would still like to get your Metabolism Tested and Hormonal profile, comment below.

Today’s topic is going to hit home for many of you and what you may be dealing with at the moment in avoiding the holiday weight gain.

You gotta love the holiday season, seems like everybody and their brother is having a holiday party full of delicious calorie laden snacks and drinks.

Partaking in the holiday celebration is inevitable given the social pressures gatherings like this can bring.

On top of that, especially with family, these things can be a little stressful so what should be holiday cheer turns into holiday weight gain.

Probably the best way to avoid this without skipping out is to be proactive.

We put together 2 things you can implement that will help you take the edge off and allow you to earn those delectable  treats at your get togethers.

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