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12 Days of Christmas


12 Days of Christmas

6th Day of Christmas
Thirteen. That’s how many days are left in 2016. Most people have these grandiose plans of making a massive change in 2017, part of it towards better health. Maybe that means running your first marathon, maybe it means dropping 20 pounds, maybe it means being able to move better to keep up with the little ones. Whatever the reason is, what’s preventing you from being successful? What has gotten in your way in the past? What has made you successful in the past? These are all things to consider when planning for a healthier more active life. If we can identify what is a potential obstacle, we can set ourselves up for success by planning smarter and anticipating the roadblocks while coming up with solutions.

So, a great question to ask is what things should you plan for? A well rounded plan would account for your metabolism, strength training, cardio and nutrition/hormones. Eliminate any one of those things and it’s still possible to be successful, just much less likely and certainly much less maintainable.

Through out these last few days we have given you access to some amazing tools to help you understand or plan for all of these things. The next step is having a means of accountability, motivation, and coaching when things go wrong. For that we introduce you to our 6 week Jumpstart program.

This six week program is designed to change your life. We are packing in five times a week workouts, an awesome nutrition program with a system built in to keep you accountable, and all the support and motivation you could ask for. Every week has a different theme, so we are not only helping whip you into shape, we are educating on how we do it and how you can maintain it afterwards.

If getting to your goal for the last time this coming year is on top of your resolution list, this is the right program for you.

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